when a woman loves you, she loves for real, but how do you tell if she truly loves you or she is just using you to get over her ex.

Well, a woman who truly loves you will never do this things.

  • 1: Get insecure: if she loves you from deep down in heart, she will have no problems when you hang out with your friends. She will let you lead your own life and appreciate the facts that you have a life to live beside being with her always.
  • 2: Disrespect you: When a woman loves you for real, you won’t have to remind her to be submissive, because she loves you, the submissiveness will naturally come.
  • 3: Cheat on you: whether drunk or not, a woman who loves you for real cannot even have the guts to cheat on you. Every time she thinks of cheating on you, she will be too disturbed by guilt to even proceed to cheat.
  • 5: Misuse your money: A woman who carelessly spends your money like there is no tomorrow is a no go zone. Misusing your money is a clear indication that she doesn’t care about your future probably because she has no plans of sharing her life with you, if she loves you, she will encourage you to save instead.

If truly a woman loves you,she will not do all this things.

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