when you are in a relationship with a girl, there at signs that will show if your girlfriend really loves you or she is just using you to forget about her ex boyfriend. With this nine signs you will know whether she loves you with all her heart, mind and soul. These nine signs are:

  • 1: True girlfriend are very jealous: If you are dating them, don’t even fort with another girl, it hurts them a lot.
  • 2: They act like they are very matured on the first outing: but once they are free with you, believe me, they will give you headache.
  • 3: They don’t need your money: Your sincerity to them matters a lot to them,(that doesn’t mean you will not give them money or buy something for them.
  • 4: They get angry for every little reason: They just want to hear the word (am sorry baby) it means a lot to them.
  • 5: If they love you, they love you for real: but if they hate you, just forgot it period.
  • 6: They don’t cheat: (they are wife material but very rare).
  • 7: They have soft heart: They have the heart of an egg, easily broken (so don’t hurt them).
  1. 8: They help in planning your future: They help in planning your future with you because they want the best for you (marry them) they will make a good wife.
  2. 9: They love when you hug them: They love when you hug them, kiss them deeply and whisper to their ears, I love you.

With this you will know whether your girlfriend is for real or she is using you to forget about her ex boyfriend.

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