To know when you ate too emotional or to know when your friends, sister brother or family members are too emotional. Here are the ten signs that shows that you are are too emotional.

  • 1: you cry when you are alone: but you don’t tell anyone because you are afraid of what people would think of you.
  • 2: You can’t say no to anyone without felling guilty: you care too much and love too much without minding who the person is to you.
  • 3: You are quick to think that everyone is a friend: you do thing for every temporary person in your life.
  • 4: You are extra nice with people: you treat everyone with kindness and respect the same.
  • 5: You don’t know when somebody is taking advantage of you: because you don’t do it to other and you don’t expect it from people but at last they betray you.
  • 6: You can’t intentionally hurt people: you can’t intentionally hurt people because of how soft hearted you are.
  • 7: You can’t express your emotions without breaking down: you can’t express your emotions without breaking down, you are too soft and kind hearted person.
  • 8: You are too sensitive: you are so sensitive that you can notice the slightest change in people’s behavior towards you
  • 9: you feel too deeply for people: you always put yourself in people’s shoe and try to be there for everyone.
  • 10: You are the problems fixer: You can’t afford to lose people, but in the end, you are still left alone.

With all this ten signs you will know when you are too emotional or when your friends and family members are too emotional.

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