If you don’t have a least one or two of this behavior while in the shower or tub, bet me you are not a pure African, you better back your loan and find where you came from ,because you are not an African.

The ten different types of Africans while in the shower are,

  • 1: The ones that enter bathroom to bath, they must shit first, it is a follow come property. Funny indeed.
  • 2: The ones that normally scrub their body so roughly and fast as if someone is fast forwarding them. Their sponge is always hard like iron sponge.
  • 3: The ladies that normally urinate on themselves while bathing. The feeling no be here sha, e sweet die ,ladies Abi I lie.
  • 4: The ones that normally scrub their body in slow motion with soap as if a company paid them to do advertise.
  • 5: The ones that normally wash their underwear first before any other thing.
  • 6: The ones that normally display their singing talent only in the bathroom, As a matter of fact, some people have released albums while in the shower.
  • 7: The ones that are professionals in managing water, they normally tie their sponge around their waist so they won’t have to waste water rinsing the sponge separately.
  • 8: The ones that after their so called bathing, they will still come out with soapy foams inside and outside the back of their ears, as if it is in the constitution.
  • 9: The ones that normally dance while in the shower. Nobody says you shouldn’t dance ooh, but when you slip and knack your brain somewhere, it only you that will advice yourself.
  • 10: The ones that after bathing they will remain small water that they will use to rinse their legs at the front door, as if their legs no go touch ground again.

Which one are you doing, because you must do one or two of this behavior, comment it in the comment section,