10 true secrets about women you must know. With this you will know 10true secret about women .

  • 1: When a woman is angry, she doesn’t mean over half of what she says, if possible always hug her to calm her down.
  • 2: The most difficult time for a woman is when she was hurt from the man she truly loves, she can get distressed.
  • 3: it takes time for a woman to trust a man, it hard for her to change her mind when she does, but if you mess- up, you might forget it.
  • 4: A woman is such a school you will never graduate from, every day new character and behavior.
  • 5: Your wedding certificate with her is not a driving license, it just a learner permit, continue wooing her.
  • 6: She can be very bitter now and a very sweet angel later on, it all lies in your approach.
  • 7: A woman hardly forgot things, she remember hurt ones more, avoid making her hurt.
  • 8: A woman can highly secretive, most times when they prove hard to men, they go to their closest and cry to friends.
  • 9: All women love to be begged, men often miss out of this one, women loved to be pampered by men.
  • 10: If a woman truly love you, even to ask money from ypu, she will be shy. But as a gentle man, don’t wait to be asked and most especially if she loves you, she can never leave you to spend unnecessarily, thats make them special.

with this you will know every secret behavior about women. Thanks for reading, share to educate others, don’t forget to like and comment your opinion in the comment section. See you next time and have a blessed day.