Ladies are always cautious in their interaction with males, and they strive to examine a man attentively before deciding whether or not they should marry him.

Here are 5 types of men that most women pray to get as husband.

  • 1: Generous man: Women prefer a man who is generous and unselfish to a man who is vain. Women stay in relationship because they believe that someone will go above and beyond to protect them at any time.
  • 2: Stable men: When it comes to stability, there are two types,
  • Emotional stability: is when a man has a healthy mental condition, the ability to stay sable and balanced, as well as staying calm and having self control when confronted with a challenge.
  • Financial stability which is critical if you want to develop a financially self sufficient marriage and family.
  • 3: protective men: No matter how self sufficient a woman is, she still needs a potential partner who can make her feel safe and protected.
  • 4: Respectful men: No one want a husband who is nasty. Inconsiderate or impolite, of course most women are drawn to gentle men who are well behaved.
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