The real tragedy of infidelity is that numerous marriages end in divorce. In the blink of an eye, the trust and security that was the foundation for a healthy marriage are destroyed. sorely, it takes times of devoted work to rebuild lost trust and security ripped away by an affair. The reason is simple. After an ice storm, have you ever tried to walk down a frozen sidewalk? Although it’s possible, there’s always anxiety that a horrible fall might be right around the corner. What numerous couples fail to realize is that an absence of trust and security in a marriage is like condemning a person to live on an ice- covered sidewalk. Your mate is noway truly free to relax because he or she’s continually fighting to keep his or her footing.

Ways to secure your marriage from infidelity

Ways to protect and secure your marriage from infidelity

1* Talk About Your Fears

Feeling jealous or upset about your mate cheating? That is OK, you can talk it out.” We all experience jealousy at some point; the crucial to keeping things healthy is being suitable to identify the feeling and not allow it to control behavior
.However, there is a chance your fears will manifest in other ways that will drive your mate down, If you do not talk about it.

2* Resolve Conflict quickly and completely

They’re more susceptible to give their feelings and bodies to another, If people view their marriage through lenses of bitterness and unforgiveness. Forgiving your partner will occasionally mean covering offenses. It’ll mean absorbing a debt that your partner accrued and not asking him or her to pay it back, also striking it from the balance distance as if it never happed. There will be immoralities and wrongs your partner commits that love covers over — just as Christ has covered your sins, even sins you were never apprehensive of. ”
Viewing our partner as an adversary can make another option feel like a rescuer. There’s only one rescuer and Jesus does n’t lead anyone into infidelity, though he can forgive them for it.

3* Do not think Your Relationship Is Above It

It may be hard to admit, but recognize that cheating can be to you — because it’s not something that only happens when one person in the relationship is evil. It’s much more complicated.

” I think the most common misunderstanding is that only’ bad’ people cheat. Sure, there are surely people who are chronically treacherous and may have little respect for their mate or themselves. But most of the people we see in couples remedy basically’ slid into’ cheating they felt like something was missing or going wrong in their primary relationship, and rather of dealing with that, they allowed a fellowship or commerce with another person to become unhappy.


4* Create a Shared Spiritual Life with Your partner

When people think of a participated spiritual life they frequently imagine sitting down at the kitchen table and having a Bible study together. It can look like this, but it doesn’t have to. In fact, agitating Book should be only one part of this pursuit. A participated spiritual life is an ongoing dynamic of how you each see God at work, what you’re learning about the things of God, and how together you’ll continue to move your family towards God. It means prayer and responsibility, a life of service and immolation, and loving the other as yourself, empowered by the Spirit of God.

5* Decide What Counts

You might assume you and your mate are on the same page, but different people have different opinions on what’ counts’ as cheating.” Some people believe that cheating only counts if there is physical closeness — touching, kissing, or sex, for illustration. Others believe that infidelity isn’t only physical, but also emotional closeness — telling another person things you do not tell your mate, or allowing feelings for someone differently to grow and develop.”

Even if it seems egregious, it’s important to talk about monogamy and what counts as cheating so you both know where you both stand. This will help keep you out of slate areas

6* Depend on Each Other

Do you allow yourself to need your partner? Not as an ultimate need, because God is the only one
who should fill that part, but wedded people should depend on the other. This has proven to be an adding problem in recent generations as independence has been touted as a quality to strive for. There’s nothing wrong with knowing that you can do it on your own, but part of the beauty of marriage is knowing you don’t have to.
There should be a regular pattern of giving and entering for both hubby and woman
. A cooperation should be created between the two of you because you came one under the covenant you made before God.

Depend on Each Other

7* Keep Each Other Close

No, not in the physical sense. Well, not just that. You need to keep your emotional connection strong and keep the closeness alive.”. maintaining a close emotional and physical connection is surely a way to feed your relationship. The further closeness that exists between two people, the more satisfying the relationship. If a couple finds that they’re too disconnected — emotionally and physically — they will start to feel like something is missing and one of them may start looking differently where. It’s nice to try and treat your significant other as well as you treat your friends. frequently we take our mates for granted and are short, or dismissive with them. A person who feels hurt, blown off, or unseen is more likely to respond to the amenities of an outside party.

8* Have People Who Check In

Most people don’t enter into marriage thinking they will cheat on their partner, but all marriages profit from cheerleaders — people who’ll fight with you for your marriage. These are the people who’ll ask you questions like, “ Is there anyone in your life that gives you feelings that feel like a crush? ” Or, “ Is there anyone in your life that you feel a sudden burst of excitement for when they walk in the room? ”
These types of questions help bed out seeds of an affair, and now you have someone who can be alert to the temptation you’re passing and help you fight it off. Attraction happens inevitably, but infidelity is always a choice.


9* Be a Rock Star

The best defense against infidelity is a great relationship. When our needs are met physically and emotionally, we do n’t have as much interest to look away. Examine how well you meet your mate’s wants and needs, and how well they meet yours. Make sure to step it up in areas that are weak, and to communicate actually about what you need to feel fulfilled and completely happy.

10* Become Accountable to Someone

The final piece for maintaining marital infidelity is through accountability. Accountability is simply being responsible to another person or persons for the commitments you ’vemade.However, I encourage you to ask a good friend, pastor, If you ask to affair- evidence your marriage. The important component is having someone to ask the delicate questions. For illustration, “ Did you compromise your norms last week? ” or “ Have you been getting your emotional requirements met from someone other than your mate? ” immaculately, these questions force us to precisely and prayerfully consider our choices because we know that someone will be checking.

11* Understand your Partner

Sounds simple. But it’s not. Your mate has all kinds of secret thoughts and feelings they presumably do n’t tell you, or conceivably anyone. You need to be safe enough to your mate that you get the full skinny. How? Encourage honesty with alot of compassion and no judgment. Find out the many things about your mate that no one
differently knows. Use that information to ‘ be on the inside ’ every day in terms of their behavior in the relationship, at work, and with themselves. Know things their mother or friends do n’t even know.

12* Becoming Aware of Your Choices

A dangerous force working against marital infidelity is vindication. moment’s test for honesty seems to be, “ It’s okay as long as you don’t get caught, ” or “ It’s not that bad, everyone’s doing it. ” A major battle is won when we stop asking what’s wrong with certain choices, and rather, ask what’s right with them. Every day I read a small lyric above my computer. This lyric has come the key for affair- proofing my own marriage The choices we make every day, mandate the life we lead. To thine own self be true.

13* Do n’t Be Jealous, Be Better

It may push them more down to come angry and critical with them, If you suspect your mate’s attention may be drifting away. Jealousy is natural, but try to concentrate on inviting your mate even more with your bents and capabilities. Give them more of a reason to love and value you. Being worried with them may scarify them temporarily into being more careful, but it’s not an effective long- term strategy, and more does n’t work in the short term moreover. You can’t keep a mate around reliably or happily using risk and fear. Only the positive reasons for being together hold up as cement that will cover you from others getting in on the action.

14* Justify Your Existence

You have to be the go- to person. Anything you don’t give in terms of emotional, intellectual and physical requirements, your mate will look to others for. And they should. In other words, we all seek to meet our requirements, and if our mate is n’t there in certain ways, we find others. Those others occasionally form the base for an affair, or an emotional bond that replaces our mate, or takes energy down from the cooperation that it really needs to grow and acclimatize. suppose of being a mate as applying for a job every day.

15* Do Occasional Counseling

It’s the 21st Century. The old- time smirch of seeing a couples counselor is long- gone. Find a good, able therapist, and see them for “ positive andpro-active ” relationship support. Go in before you have major issues. later is frequently too late for comforting to be completely effective. We all have eyeless spots in the way are with others. Some of those come from our family

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