As we navigate through the tumultuous waters of life, inspiration tends to come from anybody, anywhere, or anything. It happens regularly.

On that fateful night, it was a hot summer night, the kind where the air was so thick it seemed to ooze into one’s lung.

‘Daddy, mummy, they are killing people in brother Ebuka’s school. I hope they did not kill my brother Ebuka.? I want to talk to him…”

Many students abandoned their rooms and went to the balcony, while some went outside to receive the breeze. We relaxed in our room, we hated the bite of mosquitoes so much; we’d rather sweat, staying in-door. Only a little air could pass through the interstice of the half-opened window, after about every 15 minutes. I was having gist (amebo) with my roommate. (You have no idea men also gossip. Lol.) Although it might be trivial but hey! We were laughing at the top of our voice as we talked about my roommate’s new girl. This was the only way we could get ourselves off from the usual year one stress.


As our talks went on and on, my phone rang, I picked up the caller, “good evening mum” I greeted. While the conversation with the caller was ongoing, one could easily tell by the look that quickly appeared on my face, that it wasn’t something good. My roommate stood and tapped me on the shoulder, “Ebuka, what is it?” I signaled him to hold on… “chai, this my baby eeh” I finally broke the silence. My lips parted as I smiled and those tiny dimples appeared at the corner of my mouth. My roommate stole a glance at me, took a deep breath and relaxed.

And the conversation continued…

After a while, a flicker of tears rolled down my cheeks and I let out a smile at once. “I love you so much baby, don’t worry. I am fine.” I assured her and hung up the call.

“Hey man! What’s up? This one you just dey shed tears and smile at the same time” my roommate enquired. I smiled again. “Bro, it’s our last born o. Mum said she didn’t let her rest after watching the news last night.” A curious sensation overwhelmed him. “She still de suck breast?” I laughed hysterically. “She’s 5 bro. 1-2-3-4-5. I counted. Abi you still expect her to do that?” I let out another loud laugh that almost got me pee as I rolled on the floor. Within me, I couldn’t tell where the excessive joy was coming from. Probably from the story of his new found girl…

“Bro, you’d never told me what happened. Why she nor allow mumsy rest nah?” my roommate went on to enquire.

“She almost cried her eyes out after watching the news, where students killed themselves. She had tried to speak with me last night but all to no avail. Mum said she didn’t let these lines off her lips; ‘Daddy, mummy, they are killing people in brother Ebuka’s school. I hope they did not kill my brother Ebuka.? I want to talk to him…”

I watched tears roll down my roommate’s cheeks as I explained.

Oh, what an inspiration!

After that day, I began to feel completely loved. I started seeing more reasons to live a life that would reciprocate the love. That incident stirred up my inner self and introduced a better ME.