Back some years ago I used to live in a house that backs up to a big public open space where there are hiking trails. Lots of joggers and people walking their dogs.

one night I had a creepy dream that an old lady came into my room and was trying to get me to come outside. The dream woke me up so I got some water and turned off my air-conditioning because it was too cold in my room and then I fell asleep again.

it was the old woman from my dream, or was it a dream?

Unfortunately, I went right back into the same dream with this old lady coming into my room and calmly saying “You have to go outside now.” I kept telling her no I was too cold and didn’t want to get out of bed then, I woke up again and my air conditioner was on again. I figured I must have just thought I turned it off the first time or the button got stuck so I got up, turned it off and went back to sleep.


This time, I had the same exact dream except she was much older looking almost decrepit looking now and in this one she was really agitated. She was yelling “Go outside! You MUST go outside!!” I got up in the dream and followed her to the hallway. When I got to the hallway, she wasn’t there anymore and I woke up confused and I was actually standing in the hallway. I have never ever walked around in my sleep before or after this. Also, my air conditioner was on again when I went back to my room…

At this point, I was freaking out so I got something to eat and watched TV for a couple hours cause there was no way I was going back to sleep right away. I finally went back to bed around 5 or 6 am and the dream didn’t return.

The crazy part is a couple of days later, I saw that there were police cars in the open space behind my house, when I asked my mom what happened she said they had found an older woman dead who was reported missing a few days before. She must have had a heart attack or a stroke or something on the trail by my house and they had found the body. When I seen her picture in the paper that morning I got the goosebumps….it was the old woman from my dream, or was it a dream?