Love language (Quality time): What spending quality time together means.

What Is Quality Time?

When it comes to Gary Chapman’s five love languages, quality time is the one that centers around togetherness. It’s all about expressing your love and affection with your undivided attention.

When you’re with your partner, you put down the cell phone, turn off the tablet, and focus on them. And, when you do that, it touches their heart in a way that really matters. They feel important, loved, and special—like you were intentional in setting aside time just for them.

Unfortunately, thanks to technology, quality time with our partners is becoming more and more scarce. Even when we are together, we are someplace else—usually in cyberspace or deep in our own thoughts. But being in close proximity to one another while doing something else does not always constitute quality time, no matter how long you sit there. And for someone whose primary love language is quality time, this lack of connectedness can leave them feeling empty and alone

Quality time

Every couple needs quality time together in order for the relationship to grow and to develop. But what happens when one partner’s love language is quality time? How does that desire for time spent together impact the relationship especially when hectic lives get in the way?

What does it mean if your love language is quality time?

As the name suggests, this love language means you crave spending “fruitful and attentive time” with the people closest to you. The key here is that you’re not just sitting side-by-side staring at your phones, but you’re actually actively engaging with one another.

“Quality time is giving your undivided attention to your partner, All of us desire some way to feel special and loved. Quality time means you appreciate the simplicity of human interaction. You desire feeling seen and understood.

Signs your love language is quality time.

If you find most of these statements to be true, quality time is likely very important to you and possibly your primary love language

You’re an excellent listener and always give others your undivided attention.

You aren’t as susceptible to distractions as others, and you find it easy to focus

“You feel most loved when you and your loved one(s) spend uninterrupted time together,”

You appreciate any time the two of you can have a shared experience.”

You feel lonely when you don’t have enough time with your partner.


Spending time together is incredibly important to you, more so than words, touch, gifts, or acts of service.

You prefer not to be alone and think most activities are more fun with others involved.

You always make time for your loved ones, even if you’re not physically with them.

You enjoy sharing new experiences with others more than receiving physical gifts.

Feeling especially hurt if your loved ones seem distracted when you’re talking to them,

feeling lonely if you don’t get enough time with your partner,

feeling especially upset if your activities or time together is canceled or postponed.

The time you spend together doing stuff, talking, or just hanging out is the highlight of your relationship.

When you don’t spend enough quality time with your partner, you may be turned off sexually.

What is considered quality time?

Quality time is the time you spend with the person you love most: your partner. It’s not about what you’re doing, exactly, just that you’re spending time with one another.

Quality time means giving your complete, undivided attention to your partner, making sure you aren’t distracted by other responsibilities or circumstances. The purpose is to spend time together, not just physically but emotionally as well.

While people have different understandings of this love language, they may not fully grasp the true meaning. So, what are examples of quality time? Quality time doesn’t necessarily mean sitting together on the couch and snuggling; rather, couples should do activities together that bring them closer together.

What quality time together means

Examples of quality time

When it comes to love languages, quality time might seem self-explanatory, but it might actually take you a lil bit of practice to master, especially since what’s considered quality time depends on the person, whose love language is quality time, says for some people, it might mean scheduled one-on-one time. For others, it could mean just being in each others’ presence.

Doing a home project together

Planning a vacation or staycation

Going on a vacation or staycation

Exercising or hiking together

Picking up a new hobby as a couple

Discussing and planning your goals together

Scheduling weekly date nights

Relaxing together—like in the tub or on the beach

Seasonal activities such as pumpkin carving, ice skating, or tree decorating

Actively watching a show or movie together without your phones

Putting your devices down when they’re talking to you

Cooking together

Going to the dog park together

Going for a walk around the block

Eating out without your phones

Getting coffee together

Going grocery shopping

Volunteering together

Actively listening and responding to their stories

Putting your devices down when they’re talking to you

Having a stimulating conversation

What Spending Quality Time Together Means

1* Quality time is about making each other a top priority.

“Time is a precious commodity with there never being enough in the day to do everything I want. For me to make the time to spend with someone or for them to make the time to spend with me, it’s a big deal, no matter what we do with that time

2* Quality time shows you care.

“Quality time is tied with physical touch. And the easiest way to show you care is to spend time with them.

3* Quality is best spent experiencing new things and having fun together.

“you may love to do fun things with your partner. Like, have new experiences together, learn to cook a new dish together, take dance classes together, travel to together, and just talk to each other while focusing on each other, no distractions.”

How to Spend Quality Time With Your Partner

So how do you spend quality time together with your partner? Here are some relationship tips on making the most out of your time with your partner.

1* Play Video Games Together

Everyone has an Xbox in their homes, thanks to rapid technological advancement. And most of them have multiplayer games and features. If both of you enjoy playing video games, you should try this out. You can keep things exciting by awarding the winner.

According to Sage Journals, families with poor family communication benefit more from co-playing than those with effective family communication.

Work together

2* Attend a Social Gathering together

Today, most people have busy professional lives and forget how to have a great time with their loved ones. While you don’t have to attend all social events and family gatherings, you should schedule a time to enjoy social moments together and appreciate your loved ones for their love and personality.

3* Have a Regular Date Night

Couples experience a greater sense of happiness and less stress when spending quality time together. One of the biggest relationship tips for a healthy partnership is to include a date night in your weekly routine.

The National Marriage Project found that having a weekly date night can make your relationship seem more exciting and helps prevent relationship boredom. It also lowers the probability of divorce, improves your sex life, and increases healthy communication.

Love language (Quality time): What spending quality time together means.

4* Schedule in Tech-Free Time

Your phone is a great way to listen to music, watch videos, and keep up-to-date with friends and family. But is your phone good for your relationship?

Many couples phone snub one another. Studies show that phubbing can lower relationship satisfaction and increase one’s chances of depression.

Reduce those chances by removing distractions when spending quality time together and showing your partner they have your full attention

5* Cook Meals Together

Pop open a bottle of wine or put some romantic music on while you get busy – in the kitchen, of course!

One of the best relationship tips for spending quality time together when you both have busy schedules is to cook meals together.

Spice things up and try and prepare a four-course meal or a fancy French dish together. Not only is this a fun way to spend your time together, but it also promotes teamwork


6* Go to Gym as a Couple

One way you can spend quality time together as a couple is by becoming workout partners. Studies show that couples are more likely to stay with their exercise routine if they work out together. Couples also work out harder than they would solo.

One study found that 95 percent of couples who work out together maintained weight loss compared to the 66 percent of singles who did.

Join a gym, do at-home couples’ workouts, try couples yoga, hit the hiking trails, or get your bikes out. No matter which way you choose to exercise, these healthy activities can promote a healthy relationship.

Why is quality time important in a relationship?

Many people ask why quality time is important in a relationship, and the truth is that it can be very different depending on the sort of relationship you have. For example, some couples who have very busy working lives may only be able to spend no more than a few brief moments with one another at weekends. Others may have commitments that mean they see even less of one another. In such cases, making time for one another alone and without distractions is likely to be more important. However, if you see each other every day and spend at least a few hours in each other’s company in the evening, your idea of quality time together might include socialising with others or spending time together with your children. Nevertheless, most people agree that quality time is needed in romantic relationships to keep them special and to ensure that the other person in the relationship feels valued and loved. Without some quality time relationships can ultimately fail.

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