I still remember it clearly like it was yesterday, his smashed skull, burnt being glaring in my mind. sometimes I feel like I hear him whispering my name.

It’s been three years now; three years since I witnessed this gruesome act, his eyes bloodied, head swollen. I’ve never seen a thing like it before, honestly.
It was completely beyond my expectation.

Standing among the fifty plus children, that were screaming and praising the men,

Standing among the fifty plus children, that were screaming and praising the men, I was shrouded, frozen and bewildered.

I needed to speak, but I couldn’t, it seems like I was stroke with speech impediment suddenly, my hands was shivering.

In my dumbness, I heard voices, they were screaming burn him alive, burn him! burn him!

The voices was so loud that it resonated, suppressing the voices that were pleading for him to be spared.

Poor women, mother’s, there love for a child can never be overemphasized. “Please spare him, he needs prayers and deliverance ” that they said weeping, profusely. Yet their plea, tears was in vain.

The jungle justice enthusiast were determined to execute him, they were all literally transferring their frustration, destitution and aggression on him.


“Alu! Alu! (Abomination) some muttered in igbo he should be killed, he should be used as an example before they bread more.

Tears dropped down my eyes, when I saw the smoke oozing out from him, how painful it could be, he tried to run but they spanked him with a plank till he became Immobile.

I was still standing motionless, I could sense that I slightly peed my shorts, till someone tapped me and ask what happened?

All I could say was “faggot! faggot!

How can I say this, how? how can I say that I was responsible for his death?

I’m the one who started the scream, I’m the one who reported my friend Damien.

What would people think of me?

A killer! A betrayer!

I have been living with this skeleton in my cupboard for years now, my family has no inclination of this, but now I think I’m ready to let it out, to free myself from this guilt.

I was responsible for Damien death.

I reported him as a faggot and he was killed.

I reported him because I couldn’t understand it, because he tried to coerce me to sleep with him.