Today will be marked the most memorable day of my entire existence. Aside my natal day.

I was still deep asleep when it all started, their screams and moaning was loud enough to arose a thousand corpse. I heard my mother’s voice calling my father’s name, her voice was pained and sorrowful, like that of an epic tragic film. “Alagu di m ehh!!”
(Alagu my husband) she screamed, now louder than usual. “this ain’t a dream” I said to myself.

they were weeping, all of them. You can’t even tell who screams louder than the other,

I quickly came out from my crib and went inside the living room, I saw faces, faces I haven’t met before.
” Good morning all” I greeted them loudly but they didn’t respond, “Good morning” I said, yet again I was ignored. They didn’t even looked at me. I left them to soak upon their gloomy, frail and wrinkled faces.

” Not this morning, I don’t wanna have a bad day” that I said inwardly.

I couldn’t find my mother and siblings inside their room. So I went outside, this time I was shocked, women! Young and old women literally saturated the entire compound, they were weeping, all of them. You can’t even tell who screams louder than the other, they were in unison, like a church choir.

My father bedroom was built separately from the main house, I rushed in immediately. My mom and siblings all in tears sitting at the edge of the bed my dad lay on.


It was dawned on me that those gloomy and weeping faces was all because of my father. Yet I don’t, I really don’t want to believe that my dad was no more. I couldn’t cry, I try but I can’t shed a tear, so I seated beside my mother but she didn’t even noticed me, no one did.

15minutes later my dad suddenly exhaled and opened his eyes. Turned out that he had too much of an ale yesterday night.

He looked at my mother and said “where is your son Odilichukwu Chizor ? Why isn’t he here?

On hearing my name, I vanished.

Now they can finish what they’ve started.