“Mammy why?” I cried. My parents are going to get really disappointed at me for bringing in a stranger to the house without their consent.
“Why what? eh Olive?”
“You’ve seen it already, you’ve opened the door.” I cried as I fell on my knees.
“Seen what? Olive I actually felt you were hiding something but now I see you’ve gone insane.” This was when I realized mammy hasn’t seen the girl in my room.

Please Misha, do same to your finger

“Hallelujah!” I exclaimed with so much relief.
“My Son can really act, I guess he was just pulling your legs, honey. He’s still a child.” Papa said as he walked back into his room. Mammy kept looking at me as I took a bite into my apple.
“This apple taste like green apple.”
“It’s a green apple, Olive.”
“Oh! honestly Mammy, I thought it’s the red one.”
I smiled at Mammy as I watched her walk back into Papa’s room. I swiftly went into my room and locked the door.
“Stranger, where are you hiding?” I whispered

“Over here! Olive, (she walked out of the bathroom, naked) I’m sorry I almost got you in trouble.” That was actually my first time seeing anyone naked, except for babies. Mammy taught me to bathe myself and to never let anyone, including papa, see me naked. She also never stood naked before me, neither has Papa. So I got this strange feeling like a tickle in my brain when I saw the stranger standing naked in front of me.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” I was almost lost in thoughts.

“Eh! I’m sorry, you should cover up.” I gave her my dress to wear, it was not quite her size but helpful. She fell on the bed and immediately dozed off.
Someone knocked at the door, it was from the outside.
“Coming!” Mammy said as she rushed to the door.
“Mammy Olive, good evening. please allow Olive to come outside and play with us.” Mammy smiled at the child, it was Claudia.
“Hold on Claudia, let me call on Olive… Olive!” Before Mammy would finish sounding out my name I already emerged.
“Yes Mammy.” I looked outside the door…
“Claudia, isn’t it late already. You play too much at times.”

Mammy cleared her throat as a means of catching my attention. “The last time I checked, Olive, by this time you’re always outside playing with Claudia and the rest of your crews.”
“I’ll be eleven years old by next month. I’m basically too grown for this now.” Mammy startled at hearing me say this.
“Olive, since when?”
“Since five minutes ago.” I could see Claudia was really sad, but honestly I needed to do something more exciting with my life.
Later that night when it was time for dinner, I told mammy I would love to eat in my room, I even ordered for a second round of meal which made mammy extremely distrustful of me. Notwithstanding, she still kept calm and went to bed with Papa.
“You haven’t still told me your name.”
“My name is Misha.” She said as we laid side to side looking at each other.


“And your family?” As I asked her this she went silent for a while then began to cry.
“Don’t worry Misha, you don’t have to tell me about them now if it gives you memories, I understand.” Although I never understood anything, I just felt I should pretend to. Not knowing what got into my head, I jumped off the bed, took a needle from my needle box and punctured my index finger, I bled.
“What are you doing?” Misha asked me in fear as she saw my blood.

“Please Misha, do same to your finger, please.” She nodded then took the needle from me and punctured her index finger too. That night we made vows to stand by each other before sleeping off. I woke up screaming the next day… “How was that even possible?”