When you are single, you look forward to marriage so that you can get all the sex that comes with no guilt. You want to give your body to the right one, you keep off the hyenas who only want your sex and leave you hurting.

When you are dating, sex talk is exciting with your partner. You tell your partner, “Wait till we’re married; I will sex you real good till you scream”

When you’re newly married, sex is an instant activity, you spank each other, sex in every corner, experiment every position, gymnastics in bed.

your sexiness has an expiry dates but love is for life

When you two are starting to get deeper in marriage, and the sex becomes less frequent, you start to wonder if you love each other the same.

When the two are deep in marriage, consumed with responsibilities, sex becomes elusive and not a must. You two actually have to plan to have sex lest you forget that you have that sweet act to explore in marriage.

When the two start to go through challenges, some couples exchange insults, they struggle to find each other sexy, some unfortunately turn to outsiders for sex leading to regret; others hold on to their sex deficient marriage and eventually their marriage grows stronger.

When the two find the deeper meaning of love, sex becomes more special, faithfulness thrives and the couple can have intimacy without necessarily having sex.

When the two advance in life, children grow and life becomes more stable and predictable, sexual activity increases; perhaps because they know they have a limited time to have sex. They say a woman in her 40s is highly sexual, maybe because she is now more confident about her womanhood and needs. She’s been through it all and now she is assertive.

When the two get to sexual retirement age, the couple hold each other’s wrinkled hands and reminisce on their sexual encounters of yesterday.


When the two are really old, no sex because she can’t get wet and he can’t rise to the occasion, that’s when the definition of a companion is strongest.

At the end of the day, sex is actually not such a big deal; what the human soul needs is companionship. Unfortunately we pursue multiple shallow sexual encounters and never get to enjoy true companionship. Don’t let something that is not a big deal lead you to wrong relationships or make you mess up what is not important.

Sex is easy to get, it just needs two horny people with sexual organs; but intimacy and love is rare, a blessing and takes time to cultivate.

Find your soul companion and love your soul companion till death do you part, your sexiness has an expiry date but love is for life. How do you know you’ve found your soul companion? That person with whom if sex is taken out of the equation, you two have something special; one day sex will not be part of the equation